About us

“Klima ohne Grenzen” (Climate without Borders) is a non-profit corporation based in Germany. Our vision is a low carbon-economy. We promote climate protection and sustainable development through the reduction of carbon emissions and the responsible use of natural resources.

While working towards a low-carbon-economy, we do not ignore the constraints our society is facing. Out of technical, economic or organizational reasons individuals and companies are normally not able to reduce their carbon footprint to a climate neutral level. This is the point where “Klima ohne Grenzen” can offer a solution.

Our name is our concept. Across geographical and cultural boundaries we identify and develop climate protection projects in developing and emerging countries to offset carbon emissions. This allows individuals and companies to reach a climate neutral carbon footprint and to make a sustainable contribution towards more climate protection.


If you want more information about “Klima ohne Grenzen” or if you want to submit a project proposal please send us an email (kontakt(at)klimaohnegrenzen.de) or call us at (-49(0)341 253564-15). Looking forward to hearing from you.